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The History of Thankful Hearts

The idea for Thankful Hearts came about when a group of seven friends got together and decided to start doing something for families in need in their local community of Dahlonega, Georgia.  They recognized that there was a need to help working families, during the holidays, offset the cost of providing a Thanksgiving meal. Thankful Hearts was born!

One of the founding members of Thankful Hearts, Amberly Enich is quoated as saying, “Thankful Hearts is taking applications from anyone.  People can nominate a family or apply for themselves.  They don’t have to be on Food Stamps or have lost their home.  There are a lot of families that are just getting by and a big meal like Thanksgiving can really put a strain on their budget”.

Thankful Hearts has been operating since 2013 and has feed over 100 families so far.

Meet The Team

Amberly Enich

Structure Hair Studio

Stefani Jones

Dahlonega Lumpkin County Chamber

Brigette Barker

Lumpkin Family Connections

Molly Jackson

Structure Hair Studio

Michele Granger

Structure Hair Studio

Laura James

Arcadia Roofs

Why Choose Us

We love our community.  As a way of showing that love, we provide Thanksgiving meals to feed an entire family.  The more we collect each year, the more we feed.  Our goal is 40 families this year, but if we get more donations, we don’t stop there and we keep the registration open until every penny is spent.  Thankful Hearts is a great way to give back to Lumpkin County and the families that live here and we invite you to join us in making more thankful hearts this year!

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